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Do you know the triangle on the car?

Do you know the triangle on the car? Do not know not indiscriminate use Many of the brothers will find your car in front of the window or behind a small triangle window cheap nike air max, then they have what purpose? Of course, the position of Shouhuo, use also Shouzhuo. Xiaobian below to tell us about the guards of the triangular window of the effect is Han! 1, the front (A column) small triangular window This is a contrast to the rare truth, because the front window split out of a small triangle, will add the difficulty of welding, although it has some assistance to the visibility, but because The presence of two A-pillars, so that it is not in the visual effect of what purpose cheap nike running shoes. Its primary effect is: not only added the driver's horizon, but also to avoid the front windshield excessive skew brought by the side of the blind area. It also works with glass lifter rails. 2, the car behind the small triangle window it is divided into two categories: one is the small back door on the back door; the other is installed in the C column on the small triangular window nike trainer shoes. The effect of the former is able to properly decline after the production of the difficulty of the window, because the rear window to remove a small piece, making the glass in the rise and fall more stable; and from the aesthetic point of view nike running shoes, the posterior triangle is more beautiful! The effect of the latter is to add the rear seat of the lighting and to the satisfaction of the passenger's vision. But it is still the first of its beautiful effect! These cars on the 'small triangle' you all know it? Come back to see their own car nike air max shoes, feel their effect!
  • Created: Oct 8 '17
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