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My opinion is that the skill cap has made

My opinion is that the skill cap has made a significant difference in the RS gold lives of people. People who might not have considered the possibility of acquiring a 99th skill in one year and a half, are now eager to continue training until they do. RuneScape can be described as an online game. It is supposed to be fun with games, and not be taken away from the real world.

Your "Skiller Level” formula works in the same manner as the Combat Level formula. This formula isn't official. (Round up.)

Agility Slayer, Agility and Thieving have no immediate relatives. Thieving is a resource-skill, so Agility or Slayer can be considered as one. They could be related to any other ability. Fletching – Crafting. Construction - WoodCutting, Smithing. This is the preferred option because it can have the same minimum F2Pers as well as the maximum P2Pers.

Does anyone know how to program this calculator? To determine your level of skill to combat level. P2Pers. Combat Level x100 is divided by 138. The skill level x100 is then divided by 159. This will increase the level of your character to 100. F2Pers. Combat Level x100 then divided by 126 : Skill Level x100 then divided by 159. This will get your level out of 100.

The ratio I have is 64:55, with 64 being combat. The reason I changed the process was for it to be able to work for both P2Pers and F2Pers equally, and to work as if you were fighting, but where you are only assessed for the skills you are passionate about.

I am going to emplain to you how the "Ring Of Wealth" works, and there seems to be a lot of trust and reports about it. It's not a speculation. I found an article posted on the Runescape Forums by a jagex moderator that clarified everything about this ring. Sorry, i do not have a link since i saw the topic last year.

This is the way ROW works. The Ring of Wealth (ROW) doesn't systematically increase the drop rate of rare drops. It does live in the spirit of its name. It does this by ensuring that rare drops that do not have the cheap OSRS gold ring are more rare than drops that have it. Are you ready to get it? If not...