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Adventurers who have chosen this manner of playing will often remain at level 3, leveling only non-combat skills. By farming experience that belongs only to crafting OSRS gold skills, they could achieve a entire level of over 1500 while still being level 3. These individual accounts are called Skill Pure. The majority of the timethey are there only for the sense of accomplishment that they get from averting other abilities than their desired ones, but a number of them do that because they need to be in rankings on the official website. Whether they do this for one reason or the other - with no doubt, it is an excellent achievement to max account like this.

You might inquire about the benefits that come from playing like this. As we mentioned previously, the major reason people do so is a feeling of achievement. The other rationale is glory and minding functions. People who manage to obtain a skill cape whilst being on the 3rd level can show it off at Grand Exchange and other popular places on Gielinor. Back in the days, it was a major thing since not too many adventurers was able to perform it, but these days, it is possible to observe reports like this way more often, and because of that, it Buy old school runescape gold doesn't feel like anything that special anymore.