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OSRS's community is drastically different from RS3

In fact, the construction contracts are really well received and I can see them with RS gold a decent quantity of player interaction. OSRS's community is drastically different from RS3 in that gp really means something to most players in OSRS and efficiency means significantly less. At this time, there are a fair number of level 90+ players just starting to actually train construction since the skill itself is becoming more economical and more interesting than sitting in a home, independently, and destroying furniture all day.

Construction contracts are great until you realise it is 4 times slower than regular construction and rather than destroying and rebuilding things on your house you're doing the exact same thing but in somebody else's home. Except that mh isn't low effort/afk at all and you're able to make the money back by doing something more fun in the 3h that you save by performing routine cons lmao.

Just how much OSRS gp/hour should you be in a position to make until MH is much more ineffective that conventional construction? You don't appear to comprehend the OSRS community. There is a large group of men and women who will go in an agility obstacle plan of passing and become taken down by statues 2000 times, attaining exp rates just slightly above 10k/hr since it is more engaging and more fun than running laps around the same course over and over again.

They don't care about the math, they simply care that the content seems more entertaining.

Additionally, if you imply the sepulchre course with that comment, than I trust you realise that training course is the best xp/h in the sport if you are decent at it lmfao. Trust me when I say this: Many individuals are not decent at it. Not by any stretch of the imagination. The people that you likely engage with are probably of a similar thoughts to you - efficiency and endgame oriented. When you check about buy OSRS gold beyond that viewpoint you understand there are a great deal of people who do their own thing.