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What structural measures have to be taken?

In order to increase the maximum working pressure of the vane pump, the structural measures taken are mainly to make the vane can reliably contact with the inner surface of the stator, and also to prevent the contact stress between the two from being too large and causing serious wear.

The initial maximum working pressure of the vane pump is not more than 6.3MPa, and now the highest working pressure of the vane pump in the world has reached 20-30MPa. The realization of the high pressure of the vane pump must solve the following two problems.

① Leakage of rotor end face and blade top.

②Wear problem of blade and inner surface of stator.

Variable vane pump Let us briefly understand if you are interested in it, then take a look at the following content together, I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. It can have automatic high-speed flow and compensation function under pressure setting. It has less power loss and lower heat than a fixed vane pump. It is a high-efficiency vane pump that saves energy. It is the best for system design engineers in high-efficiency circuits. select.

2. The running balance is quiet, especially suitable for the requirements of machine tools and indoors.

3. It contains pressure adjustment mechanism, the system can eliminate pressure regulator and apply direct motor, easy to assemble.

4. A variety of different pressure and flow ranges are available for arbitrary selection.

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