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What is the difference between pneumatic tools and electric tools?

air tools have many advantages. One of the most important advantages is that compared with electric tools, pneumatic tools have lower torque and higher speed due to inertia. Pneumatic tools are also more compact and easy to carry and use.

At the same time, almost all power tools have pneumatic versions, which means that almost all problems that should be solved by power tools can be solved with pneumatic tools.

To use an air wrench as an example, in the process of car repair, it is more convenient to use a pneumatic wrench than a traditional wrench, and it can save more time. This is because pneumatic wrenches have original power compared to manual wrenches; at the same time, they are smaller than electric wrenches and are more suitable for use in narrow spaces under the car or its hood, which is extremely important in car repairs.

Common pneumatic tools are China air gun, pneumatic wrenches, pneumatic drills, etc.