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Shenzhen has ushered in the heavy rain for ...

Shenzhen has ushered in the heavy rain for many years, the torrential rain caused countless vehicles by varying degrees of damage, rain traffic safety problems once again be the first time in the rainy season, Cheyou concern. So what are the precautions in the rainy season car? Xiao Bian in this finishing some of the rain before the day to do the preparatory work summary cheap scottie pippen shoes, and heavy rain traffic precautions, and how to do after the wagon cheap nike air max shoes, hoping to pass This article, to the majority of riders in the rainy season to bring the car to help. ● Prepare work before the rainy season ① Make sure the wipers work normally (pictures are from the network, the quality is poor, please forgive me!) Driving on rainy days, if the wiper is faulty, it can not effectively clean the windshield above the rain The This will lead to the driver's line of sight is extremely low, security can not be guaranteed. So before the arrival of the rainy season, carefully check their wiping film is aging, it is necessary. ② careful skylight 'patio' skylight leaks are generally two reasons, one is the skylight seal and skylight frame gap is too large, resulting in skylight seepage is too large, skylight stent drainage can not drain the water, and ultimately lead to Skylight leaks. In addition nike air max shoes, the skylight bracket drainage pipe obstruction, resulting in sunroof into the car can not rule out the water, the formation of skylight leakage. So to regularly clean up with a soft cloth in the framework of the sand, you can avoid leakage, the use of lubricants, do not use easy to absorb or dust-stained lubricant, which can prevent the slide in the process of excessive wear , Thus extending the life of the skylight. ③ the 'rust' in the end In fact, the chassis and the ground is the most close to the site, it is particularly affected by road conditions, so the first part of the rainy season must be damaged chassis. So the chassis of the anti-rust treatment is also very important, nowadays popular chassis armor and chassis seal plastic It is sprayed on the bottom of a layer of polymer rubber polymer, solidified as armor general shelter chassis, easy to dry nike basketball shoes, off, with anti-sand impact, acid rain, anti-corrosion and so on cheap retro jordan shoes. In addition, the chassis armor can also reduce sound insulation, improve the additional role of comfort. ④ heavy rain as far as possible parking lot in the storm and other bad weather when the parking, we must avoid the dead trees around the dead branches, the head has a simple building, try to park the car in the regular parking lot, if the road surface deformation, Remove the car, to avoid subsidence, causing damage to the vehicle. ⑤ do not stop in the low-lying if you hear the future will be a big rain, I suggest you do not choose low-lying zone parking. Underground garage than the garage on the ground more likely to soak, before the advent of heavy rain can be transferred to the ground or a higher geographical location.
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