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LAM Aug 14 '18
                                      NASSAU, Bahamas -- For three days, Tiger Woods?has looked and sounded like Tiger Woods. China Jerseys Authentic .He hit numerous golf shots confidently and without limitation during a lengthy Sunday practice session; he played a carefree practice round Monday and chatted freely about it afterward.And on Tuesday, during a news conference at Albany Golf Club, Woods said he is here to win the Hero World Challenge, although he offered up a rare and yet smart admission that it will be a tall order to do so given where he has been and where he is now.In the present, he is smiling and upbeat. In the past -- specifically here a year ago -- he was somber and downcast.If you couldnt get out of bed, how would you feel about your future doing a lot of different things in life? Woods asked Tuesday. Thats where I was. And if you werent allowed to use your hands to write any more, you could think it but you couldnt do it, how would it feel? Thats where I was.Woods admitted that he has had plenty of doubts about his golf future dating back to the Wyndham Championship, when he last played a competitive round 15 months ago.Two surgeries. A lengthy rehab that included no golf shots for more than four months, no holes played for six months. A summer of major championship golf that went on without him. Little information about his progress. An aborted return to golf in October at the Safeway Open.The doubts about Woods have been never-ending, starting with his own words on Dec. 1, 2015.I think pretty much everything beyond this will be gravy.And: Theres really nothing I can look forward, nothing I can build towards. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?And when asked whether he might not be playing golf a year later: I really dont know.A year later, here is Woods, still without a competitive round to his name but with far more optimism.The golf-swing gurus will tell you that his swing looks different, that it is not as free-flowing, that he might be trying to protect his back. Well, yeah. For him to have any chance of playing competitively, it only makes sense that he makes some adjustments.Woods has yet to dive into those details, but he did allow that he is still working with instructor Chris Como and they spent a good bit of time together working in Florida in recent weeks.Im sitting in front of you guys with a different reality because things have improved so much that Im able to come back here and do this again, he said. It hasnt been easy. Its taken a lot of work, but Im here.And now that he is, Woods admits to being nervous, but in a good way.Theres nerves, of course, because I care, he said. I care about what I do out there. I want to win and I want to place the ball in the correct spots, give myself the best angles and bury these putts. So trying to figure that out, theres nerves. But its controlling it and getting into the flow of the round, how fast can I get into the flow of the round.I need to find the flow of the round quick, and hopefully I can do that.Perhaps the best sign is that Woods has been practicing. Twice in the past month, caddie Joe LaCava traveled to Florida to work with Woods, insisting that they play consecutive rounds walking.As basic as that sounds, it is but one important aspect of getting ready. He wants to jump in the cart and play in 2? hours, and I get that, LaCava said. But you have to walk in a tournament, and you have to get used to that rhythm again.Woods arrived in the Bahamas on Saturday and played nine holes. There was an extensive practice session Sunday, followed on Monday by a nine-hole practice round and more practice. Tuesday required a good bit of Woods time associated with the tournament, but he still fit in a practice session. And Wednesday morning is an 18-hole pro-am preceding the first round of the tournament.Woods still has yet to hit a ball in competition since signing for that final-round 70 in Greensboro at the 2015 Wyndham Championship, but so far there is cautious optimism as the 14-time major winner returns.Winning is an evolution, he said. Its going from at home on the range and then going out on my home course and then going into a tournament setting and then eventually on the back nine of an event trying to win it. And then the ultimate is a major championship and then the back nine of a major is a totally different animal. So its a process.Right now, I havent even competed yet, so Im at the beginning stages of that. Ive been at the range, Ive been at Medalist [his home course], and now Im here and I havent teed off yet.To put it in Woods own terms: That light at the end of the tunnel that he could not locate a year ago is at least a glimmer today. Wholesale Jerseys USA . -- Teemu Selanne scored the first goal of his 22nd NHL season, and the Anaheim Ducks extended the best start in franchise history with their fifth straight victory, 3-2 over the Calgary Flames on Wednesday night. Cheap NHL Jerseys . It was the second consecutive win for the Pacers (2-5), who lost their first five preseason games. Jeff Teague led the Hawks (1-5) with 17 points and eight assists and Al Horford had 12 points and seven rebounds. Mike Scott scored 15 of his 17 points in the second half. . Laudrup revealed Thursday he was notified of his dismissal in "the briefest of letters which gave no reasons why such hasty and final action was deemed necessary. After 22 years of training, and with multiple championships from across the globe, Alistair Overeem is ready to stake claim to the missing jewel in a decorated career: the UFC heavyweight title.I think its the last piece missing to my already-magnificent career, Overeem, 36, told that to happen, Overeem (41-14, NC) must defeat Stipe Miocic (15-2) in the main event of UFC 203 on Saturday. Itll take place in Miocics hometown of Cleveland, at Quicken Loans Arena. Like Miocic did in May at UFC 198, beating Fabricio Werdum in front of a raucous Brazilian crowd to capture the belt, Overeem will enter hostile territory in search of the most important 12 pounds of gold in his career.The Reem was in a position similar to Miocic in his last fight, headlining the first UFC card in the Netherlands, his home country. Overeem knocked down Andrei Arlovski with a jump kick and left hand, then finished the fight with some ground-and-pound to secure the second-round TKO victory in front of more than 10,000 screaming Dutch fans. For Overeem, dealing with the stress and pressure was a matter of control.You need to stay focused. You cant be carried away, Overeem said. To me, its all about staying focused, staying calm, staying collected. The focus is to prioritize what is important, and to me that is a UFC title.As for his championship opponent on Saturday, Overeem believes it is all on Miocic to see how he handles the pressures of fighting in front of a home crowd.It can go either way, just depends how he deals with the stress, Overeem said. To me, its all about fighting my fight, and then victory will be mine.This bout is an interesting matchup of strikers with a combined 29 knockouts. Miocic employs a purer boxing style, while Overeem prefers to switch his stances, opening opportunities for his kickboxing. Both fighters are the same height (6-foot-4) and have the same reach (80 inches). Even the odds on the fight are close, with the champion being a slight favorite.The confident challenger was quick and straightforward when asked why he, not Miocic, will be victorious.Because Im a better fighter than Stipe Miocic, Overeem said.Saturdays title fight marks the sixth time Overeem has worked with the Jackson Wink MMA Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He credits the high-altitude training and work ethic that the team instills to focus on improving each day. In addition to that, Overeem gets to game plan with one of the brightest strategic minds in the sport, Greg Jackson.I do believe the eenergy in a group is very important. Cheap Jerseys USA. It either can lift you up or it can put you down. The energy in Jacksons is truly lifting me up, Overeem said.Besides his work with Jackson, as well as coaches Brandon Gibson and Chad Smith, Overeem specifically praised the sparring work he gets with Jon Jones. He called the former UFC light heavyweight champion a great help, and credited Jones for his technical ability and work ethic. Overeem also flies in coaches from Holland and Sweden who round out his training.I definitely am at the best of my abilities now, and a lot of energy and focus went into that, Overeem said. I truly feel that Ive peaked again, and Im very excited for Saturday.Overeem spent a total of 12 weeks in Albuquerque in preparation for the fight, since its announcement at the end of May. He did a pre-camp before doing promotional work in June and July, but has remained there for the final eight weeks. Overeem says hes dedicated his life to this training camp and has stepped things up.This is for the UFC heavyweight championship. It needs to be [like] that, he said. You can hope for a quick victory, but what if the quick victory doesnt come? You got to be ready for everything. I believe we are just that. We are ready for everything.Two years ago at this time, predicting a title run for Overeem wouldve been ambitious at best. He was coming off a first-round knockout loss to Ben Rothwell, the third loss via KO or TKO in a span of four UFC appearances. This downturn in performance came on the heels of a 12-fight unbeaten streak that was capped off by a dominant showing over Brock Lesnar at UFC 141.Now, after four straight victories, including three by knockout or TKO, Overeem is at the precipice of winning the UFC belt.He has held the Strikeforce heavyweight title, as well as the DREAM interim championship during his MMA career. In addition, Overeem was the 2010 K-1 World Grand Prix champion. With these accolades, as well as holding victories over six former UFC heavyweight champions, a question of how high The Reem ranks among the best heavyweights of all time is worth debate, provided he wins on Saturday.Thats going to be for the people to decide. Personally, I like the ring of it. Ive always faced top competition in my 22 years, Overeem said. Of course theres been ups and downs; thats the only critique. But I always came back stronger. Cheap MLB Jerseys cheap jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping cheap nfl jerseys Cheap Jerseys USA China Jerseys Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys For Sale Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys ' ' ' 
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