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yfcorrugatedhz Nov 19 '20

The advantages and application scope of Corrugated Plastic Container:

1. Plug-in type: The plug-in type structure is actually an improvement of the plug-in type. It uses the method of setting a card slot on the plug tongue to make the lid lock more reliable.

2. Improved card insertion type: the card slot will jam the auxiliary swinging wing after the sealing of the card insertion type structure, thereby improving the visibility of the sealing. However, this structure also has a significant shortcoming, that is, according to consumer habits, users often open the box to observe the contents before purchasing a product. After many times of opening, the card structure will be worn or even torn.

3. Lifting type: Lifting type box cover is a kind of box benefit structure that uses the elasticity of cardboard to lock itself by folding the box basin along a curve

4. Plug-in structure: The plug-in structure is the simplest wing structure. The principle is to insert the tongue into the gap between the aileron and the front panel after forming. Use friction to prevent the rebound force of the cardboard to make the box The cover opens.

5. Mortise lock type: The mortise lock type box cover is equipped with a special mortise lock structure on the rocking wing and (or) panel, and uses this structure to lock the box cover to prevent it from opening.

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