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rajike Oct 20 '20

How to make the internet safe for children? 

Discuss their online experiences with children regularly. Spend about talking to your child for, say, ten minutes before going to bed. Discuss how his day went and what good or bad happened on the web. Be interested in what they care about, and sincerely accept their doubts and concerns. Try to build your relationship so that children know that they can share their experiences with you at any time.

Don't judge! Sometimes children still manage to get into trouble. In such cases, your reaction is very important. Do not be angry, but help the child to understand what to do in the future, and make sure that the lesson is learned correctly.

Talk to your children to be honest: the information they send to the Network may stay there forever. Tell us what can happen if the published photo is seen by a teacher or grandmother, and what significance it will have when the child grows up and takes a prestigious position.

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werik Oct 23 '20

you need to negotiate with children rules that will protect them when they are online. 

First of all, children should not open dubious sites

bayid Oct 25 '20

To protect your children install Refog Keylogger 

This program will give you information about which sites your children visit, who they communicate with. 

There are many predators on the Internet that can harm your children.