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mawew Jun 27 '20

It is very important for business to be as close to potential customers as possible. But what business does a mobile app really need? 

These include:

Vehicles: dealer networks, sinks, rental

Tourism: interactive maps, search and booking rooms and tickets, choice of holiday destination

Public: menu viewing, home delivery, promotions

Beauty industry: information about services, interactive price list, entry to a specialist

Medicine: viewing services and prices, recording to the doctor and calling home

Fitness centers: entry to class, price lists, list of services, reviews

Shops and delivery services: catalogs, prices, checkout

All sorts of leisure, services

Before you start developing a mobile application, it is important to analyze its profitability and compare with expectations

rajike Jul 6 '20

A mobile app is a good option for business development. But that would be your dream realized need that your mobile application was special and filled with interesting content. You can also use background music 

This will involve the user in your mobile app. After all, users like it when they see and hear an attractive video

Ilona Jul 16 '20
If you decide that you need a mobile app for your business, it's important to choose a developer. I work for a travel company. For our business, we chose the developer of the mobile Android Development Company  JetRuby . The company's specialists were able to offer a mobile application for the convenience of our company and our customers. In the first month of the mobile application, our sales increased by 8%
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mawew Aug 16 '20
Wow! Thanks for the discussion !  Online business is now relevant for all companies. Without quality It Technologies, it won't be easy
werik Aug 17 '20
If you expect to grow your business online, make your mobile app accessible to users from other countries.  I work for a Spanish shoe company. Our company has made the application understandable for citizens from the Baltic countries. It's just with the translation agency Littera. Littera specialists have made a quality translation of content into Lithuanian taking into account all the peculiarities of linguistics. This increased the profit of our company
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Edvard Aug 29 '20

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