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ledceiling May 26 '20

  All lightweight backpackers will tell you the greatest savings can be made on your three heaviest items -- your pack, tent, and sleeping bag. You often hear those who hike light talk about their "system." They China Led Spot Downlights Wholesalers use that term because it all has to work together. You can't pack a lot of bulk into a small pack. So you'll get the most benefit when you reduce the tent and sleeping bag weight and volume when you choose your new pack. When you choose the pack, don't buy one that's too big in volume. You'll feel the need to fill it. Instead, keep feeling the need to reduce weight and volume.

  Packs are an item on which individual backpackers have a wide variety of needs and likes. Try to find the light ones that have the features you want. After ordering your pack, fill it with gear and walk around to see if you have the right fit. There are packs that weigh from one to two pounds. For the lightest backpackers, you can even have a pack that's less than a pound.

  Most hikers carry a sleeping bag that's overkill for summer use. Since they've purchased for the worst possible conditions, they carry too much weight for long hikes and end up roasting in their bags on most nights. You can have a sleeping bag that is comfortable to 35 degrees and weighs only one pound or one that's good to 20 degrees and is just one pound 10 ounces. Down sleeping bags are the lightest and can be compressed better than synthetic bags. Don't avoid down bags because you've heard they don't function when wet. All bags are miserable when wet. Just increase your expertise in keeping the bag dry. Quality down bags have extremely tight weaves that are very resistant to moisture.

  There are a wide variety of tents and tarps that can reduce your shelter weight to one to two pounds. At less than 2 pounds you can have full bug and rain protection. So, your "big 3," the pack, tent, and sleeping bag can weigh 4 to 5 pounds. Add an ultralight stove, lightweight rain gear, and a light sleeping pad and the total weight of 6 of your most important items is still less than your old 7-pound pack! That should be enough incentive to inspire any backpacker.