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MJL456 Jan 21 '20
RIO DE JANEIRO -- American volleyball player Taylor Sander said he didnt really notice the crowd noise Thursday night during his teams match against Brazil because he was in a zone, and when youre in the zone, you dont really notice that kind of stuff. Warren Moon Jersey .If so, he was in a zone that included earplugs, noise-canceling headphones and the worlds largest cone of silence because it was virtually impossible not to notice Thursdays boisterous crowd. It was so loud you probably could have heard back in the United States, even if you had Beyonc√© playing at a full 11 on your earbuds.Whereas other venues have often been half-full at these Olympics, the Maracanazinho volleyball arena swelled with fans who were tossing large beach balls around, swaying to the music, waving national flags, roaring for their team and shouting their Brazil chant again and again and again and again. Heck, they even were bouncing to the old hit YMCA at one point. Granted, their chants of YMCA werent quite as loud as other things they shouted, but it is a 40-year-old song in English, after all.It was crazy, wild, incredible and just so fun, U.S player Erik Shoji said. We took it that we were the underdogs and we knew the fans would be against us because we were playing Brazil. But its crazy and its loud and its fun and it just helps give us energy out there. The noise just fires us up. Its the hardest thing in the word to play in a silent gym.There are some great atmospheres out there in the world, but Brazilian fans are really knowledgeable. Tonight was just a fun match and you could see they had a lot of fun out there.Well, the Brazilian fans had some fun, but they certainly did not go home quite as happy as when they arrived (especially considering the traffic jam outside the arena). Thats because the U.S. team, which had lost its first two matches here, upset the top-ranked Brazilians 3-1. The Americans won the first two sets 25-20 and 25-23, lost the third 20-25 with a slightly sluggish performance, then dominated in the fourth to win 25-20.Evidently, the fans did fire up the Americans, even if some players were in the zone.Thats what we needed tonight, coach John Speraw said. Its the Olympic Games and we hadnt been playing very well. In order to get a win against a great team, we had to fight for every point.In addition to the huge Brazilian crowd, there were some U.S. fans in the stands as well, holding up their flags and backing their country. But when they started a U-S-A! U-S-A! chant, the Brazilian fans quickly booed them into silence.It was a little hostile but great, Matt Anderson said. Brazil is a great place to play volleyball. The fans are so intense. They understand the game, so they know whats happening. There is so much emotion. You get it from the fans, you get it from the players, you get it from the other team, you get it from the coaches. Our caches are so animated. Theyre loud because they have to be loud [to be heard]. And it just creates a lot of energy.Now 1-2 and in fifth place in Pool A of the preliminary round, the U.S. takes on second-place France on Saturday. The atmosphere probably wont be as festive as it was Thursday, but it will be interesting to see how the Brazilian fans react to the American players after watching them beat their own country.Last year came here to play and it was situation that if we won a certain way, Brazil was out of the tournament, but if we lost they were still in it. We won and knocked them out, Anderson said. Brazil has always cheered for us -- except when we play them, of course, -- but ever since then, theyve been against us.Still, as Anderson and Shoji said, if they do get booed, everything will be fine ... just so long as they are booed loud enough to get fired up, even inside the zone. Chad Henne Jersey . The showiest items on Calgarys lot were forwards Mike Cammalleri and Lee Stempniak. Both will be unrestricted free agents this summer. Dorian ODaniel Jersey . Both players have lower body injuries that will keep them out of the lineup until at least January 31, which is the first game they can be activated from IR. http:///...sey-large-1316n.html . Darren Helm scored on Detroits sixth attempt in the shootout and then Jonas Gustavsson stopped Andrew Shaws shot, lifting the Detroit Red Wings to a 5-4 win over the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday night. ST. LOUIS -- Lost in the dominant shutout tossed by Adam Wainwright Saturday night was some good situational hitting by the St. Louis Cardinals in the bottom of the third inning.Four consecutive hitters stepped to the plate with a man at second and no outs. Aledmys Diaz walked. Stephen Piscotty doubled home two runs. Randal Grichuk doubled in Piscotty, and Matt Adams singled Grichuk home.That sequence sealed St. Louis 5-0 win over the Miami Marlins, setting up Sundays rubber game between the National League wild-card hopefuls in Busch Stadium.Those guys werent going up there, just giving themselves up to move the runner over, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said. They had good, solid at-bats, took good passes at the ball.Piscotty, Grichuk and Tommy Pham -- the teams outfield of the future, the outfielders that management bet on in the offseason when Jason Heyward left for the Chicago Cubs -- combined for five hits, three runs and three RBI in 12 plate appearances, drawing a pair of walks as well.While Matheny seems willing to give veteran Matt Holliday every chance to regain his form, despite Hollidays average dropping to .237 after going 0-for-4 Friday night, Pham is elbowing his way into the conversation.Pham has notched extra-base hits in four straight games and is 5-for-8 in this series, cracking two homers Friday night. Limited to 53 big league at-bats after missing nearly 2 1/2 months with an oblique injury suffered on Opening Day in Pittsburgh and a month-long stint in the minors, Pham is showing his vast ability.. Travis Kelce Jersey. Hes playing an exciting style of baseball, too, Matheny said. Lots of speed, lots of power. Hes making the most of it.Pham should be back in the lineup Sunday when Miami (48-42) marches lefty Adam Conley (6-5, 3.62) to the mound. Conley is coming off a 4-2 win July 9 over the Cincinnati Reds, and averages nearly a strikeout an inning, although he also issues nearly four walks per nine innings.This will be the first time Conley has faced St. Louis in a regular season game, although hes probably seen it at least once in exhibition games as the teams share a spring training complex in Jupiter, Fla.The same goes for Cardinals right hander Michael Wacha (5-7, 4.36), who hasnt pitched since going 6 2/3 innings in a no-decision on July 8 in Milwaukee. Wacha departed that game after being struck with a comebacker in the right heel, but wasnt seriously injured.Even though the calendar says July 17 and the teams will have 71 games remaining after this one, there is some importance to this one. The Marlins enter tied with the New York Mets for the National Leagues second wild-card spot, while St. Louis (47-43) is a game back.Saturday nights 5-0 setback snapped a four-game winning streak for Miami, but it didnt spend much time dwelling on that result against a hot pitcher whos allowed only one run over his last 23 innings.Tomorrows a new day, man, Marlins left fielder Christian Yelich said. ' ' ' 
Max Oct 12 '20
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