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MJL456 Sep 2 '19
Rio -- Somebody had to be fourth, and its me. Paul Hornung Womens Jersey .One of Indias greatest Olympians brought the curtain down on a stellar career at the Olympic Shooting Centre in Rio on Monday. And his interaction with the press at the end of some heart-stopping final moments in his sport summed up his simplistic approach to two decades as one of Indias best.Abhinav Bindra leaves the biggest stage -- he had announced before the 2016 Olympics that these Games will be his last outing in competitive shooting - with a third final appearance in five Olympics outings in the 10m air rifle event. He came within a whisker of ensuring a podium finish, before a shoot-off saw him lose out to eventual silver-medallist Sergiy Kulish of Ukraine.In defeat, as in victory in 2008, Bindra maintained his characteristic equanimity.The shoot-off at the very end is a lottery. I decided I had to be aggressive, Bindra told reporters after the event, before giving an insight into how his ability to adapt has made him such a consistent shooter.?I shot a 10.0; the other guy shot a 10.5 and so it is. When I arrived this morning, the table I was sitting on collapsed and my sight [the device placed on top of the gun to help a shooter take aim] broke. I replaced it with the one I use in India, but that was okay. Yes, my a** is hurting, he shrugged and told reporters.?Three Olympic finals in my career (is) not bad. I didnt think I would reach even one. Sport is not maths. I am very surprised at how far I have come after London.It is easy to say I could have won a medal, but it didnt happen. Thats the reality, so lets accept it and move on.Despite missing out on a medal, Bindra was overall pleased with the fact that so many people were taking a renewed interest in the Olympics.?Were getting there. Theres more enthusiasm towards the Olympics now and I hope it continues to rise, he told ESPN. We shouldnt be fixated to one sport. The Olympics come once in four years, and every athlete works very hard towards that. Its so special in ones career.?Theres no disappointment (among the shooters). Everybody comes with expectations of their own, and is putting their best foot forward. There are so many athletes competing for just three medals, its bloody hard. Hopefully well come back with more (medals) in the next few days.When asked about whether his decision to retire was reversible, his reply was as much classic Bindra as an answer could be.I have a rifle on sale. Do you want it??No, I firmly believe in giving my place to another person. We have a lot of talent back home. I dont want to hang on for just the sake of hanging on.?Maybe Im better at something else. If Im bored at home, Ill probably just log on to Rashan Gary Womens Jersey . Miikka Kiprusoff had just announced his retirement after a decade-long run in Calgary and it would be up to Berra and Ramo to fill the void. Dexter Williams Womens Jersey .com) - The Montreal Canadiens embark on their first road trip of the season as they head out west to battle the Calgary Flames on Wednesday night. . LOUIS -- Cardinals cleanup hitter Allen Craig says hes recovered from a foot injury and ready to be put on St.SAN ANTONIO -- David Robinson was 37 years old when he rode off into the NBA sunset with a fresh Lawrence OBrien trophy under his arm and his legacy as the greatest player in San Antonio Spurs history firmly intact. Its been 10 years since Robinson left his team in the hands of Tim Duncan and a couple of precocious and unpredictable young guards named Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Now its Duncans legacy that is being debated as the Spurs battle the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. "I was fortunate to end my last game on a win. Id love to see that for Tim," Robinson said. "I dont know if this will be his last year. If they win it this time, theres nothing to say they cant win it again next year." Duncan turned 37 in April, but thats where the similarities end. Everyone knew "The Admiral" was on his last legs back in 2003. Robinson, who scored 71 points in a game in 1994 to lock up the scoring title with 29.8 points per game, averaged just 8.5 points and 26.2 minutes in his final season. But he was able to deliver one last forceful performance -- 13 points, 17 rebounds, 6-for-8 shooting -- to close out the Nets in Game 6. Duncan is still motoring right along. He averaged 17.9 points and 9.9 rebounds this season to earn first-team All-NBA honours for the 10th time. "Hes aging gracefully," Robinson said. "Hes playing amazing basketball. Hes phenomenal." The two became friends when Duncan was drafted No. 1 overall in 1997. Duncan would tease Robinson about getting old, and now its the 47-year-old Robinson who sees his younger friend dealing with those same issues. "Ive not been so small as to come back at him," Robinson said with a chuckle. "When he came in, every once in a while Id have to warm up a little longer than him and hed tell me how much of an old man I was. Id have to go ice my knees down and jump in the hot tub. Hes experiencing some of those growing pains." When Duncan worked out for the Spurs before being taken No. 1 overall, Robinson famously told then-owner Red McCombs: "Hes already better than me." So began the plans for succession, which arent always met with open arms by aging stars. But Robinson had yet to win a title during his brilliant career, and Duncan helped deliver the first one in 1999 against the New York Knicks. That made it a lot easier for Robinson to swallow his pride and let the Spurs become Duncans team. "Its not tough when you want to win," Robinson said. "You realize what your limitations are. When Tim came in and we started working out together, it was clear to me this guy could score and he was going to be a great player. So it would have been stupid for me to say, No, I want to keep leading the team in scoring. "Who cares? As long as we win, thats all that matters." Duncan had 20 points and 14 rebounds in San Antonios Game 1 win in Miami, but the younger Spurs like Danny Green, Gary Neal and Kawhi Leonard played bigger roles in blowing out the Heat in Game 3 to put championship No. 5 within reach. "He sees his limitations starting to come up and says, Hey, Tony can carry this team just as well," Robinson said. "We give him good suppport, were still going to win and we all get the credit. Rashan Gary Packers Jersey. So I think we just have smart players. Theres only one agenda on this team, and its been that way for 20 years." Duncan learned from Robinson about sacrificing personal numbers for the greater good, which is why the leadership transition from him to point guard Tony Parker has been so seamless. Its also one of the main reasons he was able to get back to the finals 14 years after his first appearance. "I dont know that there was a point where we actually said, Im stepping aside and this is your team or whatever else," Duncan said of taking over for Robinson. "There was kind of an evolution of my game and his game. It is happening the same way now with Tony and Manu. I dont think Ive stepped aside or anything else. Our roles have just changed. And were all comfortable with that, as long as were working toward the same goal." Robinson was the one who started that all, and there still remains a special place in San Antonios heart for the 10-time All-Star and member of the original Dream Team. But time can dim anyones star, even one as bright as the Admirals. When he walked into Wheatley Middle School on Wednesday for an NBA Cares event to dedicate a new learning and play centre, Robinson took a seat and waited for his introduction. Emcee Ahmad Rashad listed his many accomplishments -- the Hall of Famer and the face of the franchise for 14 seasons -- and Robinson received a warm ovation from the children who sat cross-legged a few feet in front of him. Then came Danny Green, the no-name role player in his fourth year who was cut twice but had just exploded for 27 points the previous night. The place went bananas, a thunderous ovation for the man of the hour. "Most of these kids dont even know who I am," Robinson said with a hearty chuckle and a wide smile after reading a book to them. "Its great. Its been a lot of fun. Even to be just a small part of it right now is pretty cool for me." Theres no bitterness in his voice. No yearning for one more night in the spotlight, one more roar from the crowd. Its been 10 years since Robinson retired after winning his second championship with the Spurs. A full decade since he last laced up the shoes professionally and went to battle in the paint with 20,000 fans screaming his name and 14 teammates looking to him to make the big play in the big moment. "I miss the locker room," Robinson said. "Thats where you make such good friends, and the competing from day to day is a lot of fun. But I like raising my kids. Ive had my fun. That was great. And I enjoy now being a part of it the way I am." Somehow, some way, the same three kids -- Duncan, Parker, Ginobili -- Robinson left to carry the torch are still together. Still winning. Still Spurs. Theyve won two titles without Robinson, who showed them all how to be pros. "Theyre about the last ones I recognize on this team," he said. "Its great. You see the new generations coming now. Obviously Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard playing phenomenal basketball. Gary Neals doing a great job. Tonys still a young guy. Theyve got all the pieces to keep it moving." ' ' ' 
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