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zake201 Jan 4 '16
CLEVELAND -- Zydrunas Ilgauskas jersey is going up to where he cant even reach it. Marcus Peters Jersey . The Cavaliers will retire Ilgauskas No. 11 on March 8, raising it to the rafters in Quicken Loans Arena to honour their beloved former centre who overcame major foot injuries early in his career to become one of Clevelands best players. "Zydrunas is not only one of the best basketball players to ever wear a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform, he is also one of the finest human beings that has ever been associated with the franchise," Cavs owner Dan Gilbert said. "Zs numbers and productivity are clear evidence of his basketball success. What is more impressive about this gentle giant is the authentic concern and interest he displayed for not only his teammates, but for everybody who worked at the Cavaliers and for the loyal fans who supported him throughout and after his playing days." Ilgauskas jersey will be retired when the Cavs host the New York Knicks. Its a fitting tribute to the popular Ilgauskas, who is known simply as "Z" to Cleveland fans. He played 12 seasons with the Cavaliers and was twice named an NBA All-Star. The 7-foot-3 Lithuanian was drafted by the Cavs in 1996. He finished with the second-most blocks and points in team history and was a major contributor on Cleveland playoff teams, including the one that made the NBA Finals in 2007. Ilgauskas persisted after undergoing numerous reconstructive surgeries to fix his feet. At one point, Ilguaskas nearly retired but pushed on and enjoyed a solid NBA career. "Zydrunas represents the very best of how any sports franchise would hope to be represented," Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant said. "He was a hard-working competitor who persevered, was dedicated, inspiring, and was a great teammate. As good as he was on the court, he was just as good off the court and in our community." Ilgauskas, who currently works as a special assistant to Grant, is touched by the tribute. "I am happy and humbled by this great honour," he said. "Cleveland and the Cavaliers have been such a huge part of my life and it will be a very special and proud day for me and my family. I want to thank the Cavaliers and fans alike because I have been very fortunate to play here, work here and call Cleveland home." Ilgauskas will be the seventh player to have his jersey retired, joining Austin Carr, Nate Thurmond, Bobby "Bingo" Smith, Larry Nance, Brad Daugherty and Mark Price. Aaron Murray Chiefs Jersey .Y. -- Jayna Hefford scored the winning goal Friday as Canada survived a scare with a 4-3 win over Sweden at the Four Nations womens hockey tournament. Husain Abdullah Jersey . "We have always prided ourselves on the way we play defence. Having two big pieces back is going to be a key for us moving forward for years to come," said Knighthawks head coach Mike Hasen. http:///...quitt-chiefs-jersey/ . -- Stanfords Kevin Danser knelt on one knee and hardly moved on the sideline as Michigan State celebrated its Rose Bowl victory and his Cardinal teammates made their way to the locker room.WINNIPEG -- Coach Claude Noel was happy to talk about the Winnipeg Jets power play Friday night, after a 3-2 shootout win over the Philadelphia Flyers, thanks to two power-play goals. "The power play was obviously a big plus for us," he said after Bryan Little scored the winner in the fifth round of the shootout as the Jets (10-9-2) won their fourth in a row. "(It was) a long time waiting for us for that to happen. I dont think there was anything really different that took place other than we hit the net." The Jets started the game with the worst power-play in the league, just six goals in 71 tries (only one in their last 13 games) and moved up a notch to 29th after Dustin Byfuglien connected twice when the Flyers were shorthanded. It was fitting that he was the agent of change, since it was Byfuglien who counselled doubters to have patience this week. He said success would come if the team could keep rubber moving to the net. And he insisted they did nothing new Friday night. "It was just a matter of getting there," Byfuglien said after the game. "We were in traffic and we just kept shooting and it got there." Byfuglien scored his first at 5:36 of the into the first period as he snapped the puck past a kneeling Steve Mason. The second at 14:23 of the third period was more important, after the Flyers (7-11-1) had taken a 2-1 lead by the end of the first on goals from Scott Hartnell and Wayne Simmonds. It was Byfugliens trademark slapshot from the blueline that swept by Mason and sent the game into overtime. Even the normally stoic defenceman had to do a little dance to celebrate. Mason said he didnt even see the puck. "Its just disappointing because we had the lead with six minutes left in the hockey game and we werent ablle to close it out," he said. Joe Montana Chiefs Jersey. But he said they made progress on their road trip. "Anytime you can get five out of six points thats pretty good. Would have been great to get the full six points but moving forward we put ourselves back in a better position." The Flyers bounced back after Byfugliens first goal. Hartnells wraparound at the 6:25 mark was ruled a goal after a review. Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec appeared to move it past the line with his glove. The Flyers took the lead a little over five minutes later on Simmonds wrist shot from a goalmouth scramble just 13 seconds into Philadelphias first power play of the game. Like Byfuglien, Noel has said he has faith the teams power play will improve. "Weve had chances like that before where it either gets saved or hits a post or misses the net, or a lot of different factors like that," he said of the first goal. "For me it was just a matter of time before these things start seeing the back of the net. Eventually theyre going to go, you just have to stay with it and not allow too much frustration to get into your game." He also gave Pavelec credit for keeping them in the game. "He really gives us a chance." One streak did end for the Jets Friday night. Captain Andrew Ladd finally failed to score in a shootout. Ladd has scored game winners in three and hadnt missed until Friday. "The one (streak) that counts kept going," he said, adding that he hopes the power-play goals will give the team more confidence in the future. Notes: The Flyers havent won a game this season in which they didnt score the first goal. ... The Jets have won four straight at home as well and their leading scorers at the MTS Centre are Ladd (5G, 8A) and Bryan Little (7G, 6A). cheap nfl jerseys cheap jerseys cheap jerseys cheap jerseys cheap nfl jerseys wholesale jerseys ' ' ' 
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