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LHX1990 Aug 15 '19
Southern California Super Smash Bros. Pat McAfee Youth Jersey . Melee player Michael Mike Haze Pulido has signed with Obey Alliance, a popular gaming YouTube network and esports team. Mike Haze will begin competing under the Obey Alliance banner in Smash competitions as well as create content, something hes become known for on his own, with the team.Obey recently has focused its development into the world of esports, Obey Alliance CEO Julian Castro tells ESPN about the teams new pickup. We have been evaluating the scene as well as the various communities that thrive within it. When approaching the Smash scene, we loved the passion and dedication of the players and the fan bases around it. During the scouting process, we ran across Mike, who from the start was appealing given his professionalism and value as an individual. Not only is he a great competitor, but he also has a great following behind him with a strong passion of growing himself as an entertainer.Mike Haze is currently ranked 40th on the Melee It On Me annual Super Smash Bros Melee rankings, as well as fifth in the Southern California rankings below the likes of Joseph Mang0 Marquez, Weston Westballz Dennis, Johnny S2J Kim, and Joey Lucky Aldama. This year, he took 25th at Genesis 3, 17th at Get On My Level 2016, 25th at Evolution 2016, and 33rd at last weekends The Big House 6.I had a few different options to choose from but decided to go with Obey because of the passion I felt from everyone Ive spoken with, Mike Haze tells ESPN. They truly care about their esports players and I feel that type of passion will make for a good relationship between myself and Obey. I absolutely think being with Obey will help me grow into a better player overall. Being a part of a team makes competing a lot more stress free. It feels good to know Ill be able to invest my time fully into the game without additional outside pressure.Outside of competition, he is also known for content creation. For the past few years, Mike Haze has created tutorials in various Smash games as well as hosted the Elite Four tournament series in Southern California. Recently, hes become known for his diss tracks surrounding rivalries in the Smash scene.He hopes to bring some of that talent to Obey Alliance, who have primarily been a YouTube collective for various content creators, primarily in gaming.[Weve] spoken about potentially producing content for the team channel so Ive been brainstorming ideas for unique and engaging content for those who might know about Smash but dont necessarily follow the game, Mike Haze says. Quenton Nelson Colts Jersey . Kuznetsov, who was selected by the Capitals in the first round of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, has been playing for his hometown team Chelyabinsk Traktor of the KHL. Rock Ya-Sin Jersey .  The 19-year-old Olsen played 34 games with the Kelowna Rockets of the WHL this season. In that time, hes recorded 17 goals and 17 assists with 36 penalty minutes. http:///...-moore-colts-jersey/ . Michell Burger, a woman who lives on an estate next to Pistorius gated community, said she and her husband were awoken by the screams in the pre-dawn hours of Feb. 14 last year, when Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp by shooting four times through a door in his bathroom. CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Construction is moving at a feverish pace at the west end of Reser Stadium, where Oregon State is putting the finishing touches on a $42 million remodel prior to the start of the football season.The school is attempting to continue its advancement of the football program. As for the Beavers? Theyre trying to keep from returning to their past struggles, where they once had a streak of 28 consecutive losing seasons.Oregon State kicks off fall practices Friday at Summit High School in Bend, trying to end a slide of two consecutive losing seasons. The most recent time the Beavers posted three straight losing seasons was 1996 to 98.Achieving a winning season in 2016 is expected to be a steep climb, as the Beavers are coming off a 2-10 season, their worst since 1995. Oregon State was picked to finish last in the Pac-12 North in the preseason media poll.Oregon State returns 11 starters, including seven on offense. Among the newcomers looking to make an impact this season is quarterback Darrel Garretson, a junior transfer from Utah State who won the starting job during the spring.Because of the stadium construction, Oregon State is moving the start of fall practice off campus for the first time ever to Bend, located about 125 miles southeast of Corvallis in Central Oregon. The Beavers will hold practice for the first six days in Bend, before returning to OSUs campus Aug. 11.Oregon States second-year coach Gary Andersen hopes to increase the teams unity and chemistry during the week away from Corvallis.I want them to get to know some different people. Well be doing some very different bonding situations in Bend that are a little bit different than what weve done in the past. Does it win you games? No. Do I believe it helps? Yes, Andersen said.Sophomore receiver Seth Collins said players are looking forward to starting fall camp in Bend.Its going to bee a fun thing, but I think its going to be physical. Rock Ya-Sin Womens Jersey. It just adds to the overall camaraderie, Collins said.This season marks a change for Collins, as he was Oregon States starting quarterback coming out of fall camp last season. Collins started seven games, then after an injury, played at wide receiver during OSUs season finale against Oregon, scoring three rushing touchdowns.Im not really sure what my role will be, but when I touch the ball, I plan on making things happen, Collins said.In Collins place at quarterback is Garretson, who passed for 2,586 yards and 18 touchdowns in two seasons at Utah State prior to transferring to Oregon State in June 2015.The redshirt year was hard, but I got to work on a lot of stuff, got to work on certain things you normally wouldnt be able to work on during the season. The year off was beneficial, for sure, said the 6-foot, 210-pound Garretson, whose uncle Ron is an NBA referee.Competition figures to be intense during the four weeks of preseason practice. There are at least half the starting jobs up for grabs, and new coordinators to impress in defensive coordinator Kevin Clune and co-offensive coordinators Kevin McGiven and T.J. Woods.Andersens expectations are simple heading into fall camp.My expectations of them is to be a much improved football team. Our goals should be that. Anything past there is flapping your lips, Andersen said.I expect them to carry themselves with belief and a little bit of swagger. Its not deserved swagger at this point, but you have to feel good about your team and where youre headed.The Beavers open the season on the road, playing at Minnesota on Sept. 1. Oregon State has seven home games on its schedule, including the Civil War against Oregon on Nov. 26. ' ' ' 
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