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COLUMBIA, S. Marcus Smart Jersey .C. -- Melanie Balcomb discovered quickly after her tenure as Vanderbilts womens basketball coach ended that she needed to get back into the game -- and fast.I found out early in the process that Im not a stay-at-home mom, said Balcomb, the 53-year-old mother of two preschoolers. I started thinking about what I could do, what I should do to stay relevant.Three months since her dismissal after 14 seasons at Vanderbilt, Balcomb joined coach Dawn Staleys program at South Carolina as an offensive, analytics consultant. The position, director of coaching offensive analytics, is for one season.Well see how it goes after that, Balcomb said Monday.Balcomb felt her relationship with Vanderbilt fading the past couple of seasons. She had led the Commodores to 12 straight NCAA Tournament appearances since taking that job in 2002-03 before missing the field the past two years. Her only three losing marks in the Southeastern Conference came the past three seasons. Balcomb did not want to get into details about her dismissal, saying only: It was time.She wasnt sure what direction to take. She wanted to be home more for 5-year-old son Quincy and 4-year-old daughter Aleya and did not want the traveling another coaching position, head or assistant, might mean with recruiting.She considered TV -- Im pretty candid about stuff, she said -- with some colleagues and friends telling Balcomb she could be the Charles Barkley of the womens game if she stepped in as a game or studio analyst.Balcomb believes there will be time for that later.Almost as soon as she lost her job, Balcomb got offers to join programs as a consultant. Minnesota asked if shed consider consulting on defense, but that side of the game didnt excite her. It was offense where she wanted to impact the game and found a like-minded coach in Staley, who remodeled the point guard position during her Hall-of-Fame playing career.For Staley, hiring Balcomb was a no-brainer after competing against her as coaching rivals both in the Atlantic 10 coaching rivals for two years (Balcomb at Xavier, Staley at Temple) and then for the last eight seasons in the SEC.There is always room to grow professionally, Staley said.Balcomb believes that, too. She expects to grow from her time around Staley, assistants Lisa Boyer, Nikki McCray-Penson and Fred Chmiel.Balcombs new job will keep her at home during the season, something she wanted.What wont change is Balcombs instincts. She said she wont step on any toes, yet understands there will be moments shell want to frantically blow a whistle to stop practice or shout out instructions during a game when something breaks down -- and must restrain herself.Balcomb wont coach on the floor during games and is unsure if shes allowed a spot on the bench this fall. Still, shes is excited about whats ahead and seeing if her time at South Carolina can be a templet for other long-term coaches seeking to stay in the game.Everybody said `Whats next? Whats your next chapter? said Balcomb, whod like to be a head coach again. I dont think I couldve planned this better. Paul Pierce Jersey . Aaron Harrison scored a 22 points for Kentucky (6-1), which has won four in a row following a Nov. 12 loss to current No. 1 Michigan State. Julius Randle overcame a scoreless first half and added his sixth double-double in as many games with 14 points and 10 rebounds. Shaquille ONeal Celtics Jersey . Reassurance came from Paul Tesori, his caddie and close friend whose newborn son is in intensive care in a Florida hospital. "Paul sent me a text this morning, just told me he loved me and wanted to go out and fight as hard as I would any other day," Simpson said Sunday after doing just that. . Reigning world champion Eve Muirhead of Scotland opened with a 12-2 rout of Winnipegs Jennifer Jones in a battle of teams bound for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Medical personnel caring for NFL players should no longer report to team management or coaches, according to a Harvard Law School report published Thursday.The recommendation comes in a 493-page report?following a two-year study by The Petrie-Flom Center at Harvard Law School?into the various stakeholders who influence, or could influence, the health of NFL players.Our report shows how the various stakeholders might work together to protect and support NFL players who give so much of themselves -- not without benefit, but sometimes with serious personal consequences -- to one of Americas favorite sports, said Glenn Cohen, professor of law at Harvard Law School and co-lead of the law and ethics initiative as part of the study. NFL football has a storied history and holds an important place in this country. The men who play it deserve to have their health safeguarded and their health concerns addressed. We hope our recommendations in the report serve as a catalyst for this important work.About 175 doctors work with NFL teams. While both players and teams have a shared interest in player health, the study notes that a player may feel compelled to return from an injury more quickly than recommended and that the doctors role as a team employee creates a conflict of interest in making those decisions.The intersection of club doctors dual obligations creates significant legal and ethical quandaries that can threaten player health, according to the report.The report instead recommends that doctors and trainers not directly communicate with teams about player health. It proposes a wwritten Player Health Report that would include their condition, a recommended level of participation in practice and games, and an estimated time before they are back to full participation. Red Auerbach Celtics Jersey. Separate team doctors would have access to that report and could consult with team officials but would not handle any treatment.Also among the 76 recommendations in the report are that doctors treating players should be selected by a neutral committee with representation from both the NFL and NFL Players Association, that health issues should not be used in collective bargaining agreement negotiations and that there should be a separate short-term injured reserve for players diagnosed with a concussion.The NFL has challenged the studys findings. According to The Washington Post, Jeffrey Miller, the NFLs executive vice president of health and safety, sent the researchers a 33-page response rejecting the idea that NFL doctors have conflicts of interest. He called the studys proposed changes untenable and impractical.NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the league would study the report and discuss the recommendations with its clubs and medical staff and the union.The research was funded by the NFLPA, although Harvard officials insisted the research was independent of player or league influence.Additional reports are scheduled to be released regarding other legal and ethical issues affecting player health.The Associated Press contributed to this report. ' ' '