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berily huang Nov 12 '18
In 1978, John Carpenter took a low-rent concept and turned it to a horror masterpiece. Lean, mean and efficient, Carpenter’s Halloween unleashed a force of quiet, unstoppable evil - Michael Myers, remorseless murderer more living nightmare than man. Halloween launched a franchise tv shows online , although many in the sequels had their moments, none could ever surpass the ghoulish heights of Carpenter’s original.

Now, forty years since the world first met Michael Myers, director David Gordon Green resurrects the, and tries to bring some kind of closure, and dignity, for the series, while ignoring each and every sequel that came before it. The bad news: Green’s Halloween never comes even slightly near capturing this wonderful time of Carpenter’s film. Gone could be the chilling efficiency along with the dread-soaked atmosphere. Green, working coming from a script he co-wrote with Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley, instead efforts to go for broke, loading his Halloween with sufficient tricks and treats to satiate hungry horror fans. While the 2018 film has no stripped-down brilliance from the 1978 Halloween, it succeeds at giving Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode her due while making Michael Myers scary again.

That Estrada and co are able to put countless socially relevant issues within the microscope without becoming preachy - at the least, until one last contrived showdown that doesn’t quite work - can be an impressive achievement, plus the ambition and creativity on display here makes certain that in a year where several movies have managed the black experience and racial injustice, Blindspotting shines.

There are a handful of pacing issues in the centre, as well as a subplot handling Michael Myers’ “new Loomis” doesn’t quite work, but those are minor stumbling blocks with what is ultimately one in the very best horror sequels within the genre. I missed Donald Pleasence, but Jamie Lee Curtis’s intensity and drive replace it. All those poor theater workers, needing to clean up everything that spilled popcorn. All those significant others with claw marks for their arms free comedy movie online . The Scary Movie is back, and I couldn’t be happier. Halloween is terrific, and I can’t make a better will Fantastic Fest in 2010.